Terms and conditions


The rates displayed on the website are valid only at the time of their quote, they can change without prior notice according to the conditions of each provider until they have been reserved and confirmed.

Reservations are subject to availability and rate changes until confirmed. A reservation is considered confirmed when the total payment or corresponding section has been covered and documents that prove the identity of the cardholder have been sent, if so requested. Otherwise the availability and rate can not be guaranteed. Once confirmed your reservation you will receive a confirmation coupon.

Sometimes it is necessary to check the availability directly with the provider before we can confirm a service, we request a maximum of 24 hrs to send the confirmation, it is important to mention that no charge is made to your card until you do not ensure this availability.

At the time of booking you authorize in a written and / or verbal way to use your credit card number or the means chosen to make your payment, and expressly confirms to know and accept our policies of reservation, payment, disclaimer and cancellation.

To avoid any setbacks, you must print the coupon and present it at the time of requesting your paid service (as proof of reservation). If you wish to modify or cancel it is necessary to contact a travel consultant as soon as possible by having your coupon with reservation number on hand. We ask you to read our CANCELLATION POLICIES and remind you that any change of reservation is subject to availability and a re-quote of rates.


For the payment of your reservation, we accept Visa / MasterCard credit / debit cards. For security and to avoid unauthorized charges, in some cases you may be asked for backup documents, whose purpose will be to confirm the identity of the cardholder as a letter of authorization of charge with signature, official identification with photo and copy of card; in case of not sending the required documentation within the established period, the reservation will be given as canceled and will be subject to the cancellation policies of the site. If you do not have a card you can pay through a transfer or deposit at participating banks or convenience stores.

Payment facilities
Some of the packages, services, tours, etc. Party Rockers offers can be set aside with a minimum of 10% as a down payment to guarantee your reservation, are subject to the remaining payment on the suggested dates of payment, to cover the total of services contracted with a maximum of 20 calendar days before the date of arrival in high seasons and 15 calendar days before arrival in low seasons. It is possible that certain services and / or products request an additional payment or request full payment before the due date due to high occupancy or change in their internal payment policies. If this is the case, you will be notified in advance of the new payment deadline, after which the reservation will be canceled if it has not been paid.

1) The client agrees to send via email the receipt of the payment (s) made to Party Rockers when these are by deposit or bank transfer and verify that the agency has received said payment, leaving Party Rockers free of any responsibility in case the client does not make the payment pending of its package or service contracted within the terms specified above for this modality of PAYMENT FACILITIES and not being entitled to any refund as they will be charged as administrative expenses 30% of the total of the reservation.

2) If the client makes payments by bank deposit or electronic transfer and does not notify the agency, it is understood that the agency has no way to find out and / or apply such payments to their account, in such a way that Party Rockers is free of any responsibility that is derived from this situation, since it is the client's responsibility to make the agency aware of the payments made or paid in favor of the services previously contracted and having no right to any claim for cancellations or refunds due to this situation.

The charge to your debit or credit card will be made until the status of the reservation shows "confirmed availability", the charge will be reflected in your statement including the legend "MEXICODESTINOS".

When purchasing certain services and / or products you can choose the option of months without interest or payment at destination; the first option can be made in a range of 3 to 12 months and will be subject to participating cards issued exclusively in Mexico. Promotions for months without interest are subject to change without prior notice, for more information ask any adviser.

The rates published on http://partyrockerscancun.com are quoted in different types of currencies, in case of any type of currency other than Mexican pesos the amount shown is informative at the exchange rate established by Party Rockers at that time, the amount of the transaction will be charged to your card in Mexican pesos at the exchange rate prevailing on the day of the transaction. Please note that the amount that will appear on your credit card payment receipt can vary by up to three percent due to the international fluctuation of the bank currency exchange rate. Party Rockers is not responsible for such fluctuation. You acknowledge that you have been informed of the fluctuation of the exchange rate and agree to the corresponding charge in Mexican pesos.

In case of requesting a tax invoice you must request it with the agent assigned to your reservation or to invoices@partyrockerscancun.com the same month in which you made your payment. It is worth mentioning that for fiscal reasons the invoices will be elaborated after generating the corresponding payment.


Party Rockers provides services only as an intermediary agent between the customer and the provider of the tourism services promoted on this page http://partyrockerscancun.com/terms-and-conditions.php. The agency chooses only the most qualified and reputable suppliers to provide the best service, however Party Rockers can not assume any responsibility with the customers for acts or omissions by the suppliers, as it has no control or legal relationship with their operations.

You release Party Rockers from any liability for any failure or non-performance by the Provider or direct Providers of the tourist services, including without limitation any failure or compliance by airlines, hotels, temporary lodging providers, shipping companies, and all kinds of boats, water sports providers, car rental agencies, transportation agencies, tour operators, dive instructors, snorkel instructors, golf instructors, dolphin swim instructors, fishing instructors, adventure and extreme sports, water parks, ecological parks, and in general any failure or non-compliance by all tourist services that are provided directly by one or more suppliers and not directly by Party Rockers.

In the event that the supplier fails to comply with any of its services for which the payment has already been made, the only recourse for reimbursement must be processed directly to the supplier who failed to provide his services, unless previous failure is caused directly by Party Rockers. Party Rockers assumes no liability to you and you release Party Rockers from any liability for acts, omissions or any kind of complaint or dissatisfaction derived from the services provided by the direct service providers advertised on this website, under which Party Rockers has no control or legal relationship to its personnel, equipment, operation or property.

Also Party Rockers will not be responsible and you release of all responsibility of this site with respect to:

1. The veracity of the photographs displayed on the website, as they are only representative and do not guarantee that on arrival everything is exactly the same as in them is appreciated and / or the site describes.

1. The veracity of the photographs displayed on the website, as they are only representative and do not guarantee that on arrival everything is exactly the same as in them is appreciated and / or the site describes.

3. The descriptions of the various services promoted are updated by Party Rockers constantly and to their best knowledge, but do not guarantee that everything will be exactly equal to your arrival.

4. Any type of failure on your part to obtain the documentation required for your trip such as, but not limited to, passports, visas, certificates, etc.

5. Any type of failure by you to follow travel instructions including, but not limited to, airport departure times, hotel check-in and check-out times, coupon exchange policies, etc.

6. The terms and conditions and / or policies of direct service providers. Party Rockers will not assume any responsibility and release you from any liability of this agency, as well as any claim, cost, expense or loss that you may suffer including any personal or third-party injury, accident or death, personal property damage, loss of amusement, anger, disappointment, anguish or frustration, whether mental or physical, as long as they are the result of:

Despite the constant updating of the website there is the remote possibility that the validity of some prices has expired or comes from information erroneously provided by the service providers. In case the correct price is less than the quoted amount, Party Rockers will apply the lower amount. In case the correct price is higher than the quoted amount you will be informed the correct amount or registering the cancellation of the reservation at your request for not agreeing with the increase in price, separating Party Rockers and the service provider of any responsibility or payment of compensation for inconveniences caused by such cancellation.

Mexico Destinos se declina de cualquier responsabilidad derivada del incumplimiento por parte del usuario de los reglamentos, reglas o condiciones establecidas por cada uno de los prestadores de servicios contratados.

Party Rockers reserves the right to refuse any customer at any time.


All cancellation requests must be requested in writing at info@partyrockerscancun.com with a copy to the adviser in charge of your reservation or through your user panel .

Any cancellation will generate an administrative expense for 30% of the value of the total contracted services in addition to the penalty assigned by the corresponding provider (if applicable). If the refund of the reservation is made to an electronic purse, Party Rockers will cancel the percentage corresponding to the administrative expenses leaving only the penalty assigned by the corresponding supplier (if applicable).

In case of hotels, if the cancellation is made more than 48 hours before your arrival, a night of charge will be charged at the corresponding rate plus 30% of administrative expenses in addition to the penalty assigned by the corresponding provider.

During high season (Christmas, New Year, Easter, Easter, July and August), within 72 hours before arrival, a charge of 2 nights will be charged at the corresponding rate plus 30% of administrative expenses or whatever policies specific to each hotel or service provider, each has its own policies and in some cases expressly for the peak season does not provide any refund.

Reservations canceled 2 to 0 days before the date of service regardless of the reason for the reservation, are subject to the policies of no SHOW charges in which no refund will be made.s

When the passenger decides for the reason that this is to give up their stay during the period of the same (and being in the hotel) is understood that it is under their own responsibility and that the agency is free of any responsibility and there will be no refund.

No cancellations, changes of names or changes of dates are allowed on plane tickets and are not refundable. Party Rockers is not responsible for any change of itinerary, or for any changes or errors in data provided by you for the issuance of air tickets such as names, surnames, ages, sex, dates, routes, airlines, classes , categories, etc., the same happening for the case of land reservations and maritime or cruise services.

Party Rockers reserves the right to contract on its own behalf the services selected as regards carriers, hotels and car rental companies, regardless of the ultimate provider of the services, unless it is expressly agreed that these will be provided invariably by a particular provider. In case of modification of the direct provider of the service, this will be provided by another of equivalent quality, if you make use of the service, it will be understood that you agreed to such modification and no claim, compensation or refund will proceed. Once Party Rockers receives from you the amount of contracted services of any kind Party Rockers has their immediate authorization to issue, issue or acquire air tickets in their name, sticking and accepting both Party Rockers and you the policies of cancellation, issuance and sale of airline tickets and the Reservation and Cancellation Policies of www.partyrockerscancun.com.


If for reasons of force majeure or fortuitous cases, the contracted services providers can not provide the services partially or totally, Party Rockers will only manage for the account of the user and will be limited to the reimbursement of the amount that proceeds to the exclusion of any other commitment.

The agency reserves the right to modify the order of the services indicated in this website for a better development of the same or for reasons that justify it. When Party Rockers cancels a trip or excursion of any nature due to causes beyond the control of the customer, it will be obliged but limited to reimburse all the advances or payments made.

In case of cancellation by the client, the refund applied will be calculated according to the Cancellation policies depending on whether it is made in cash.

The fact that the client delivers an advance and / or payment for the program chosen service, implies their acceptance of the conditions and responsibilities specified in this site.


You declare under protest that you are truthful, appearing by your own and personal right that is a physical or moral person, of legal age, and with sufficient means or with economic capacity and interest in acquiring the services of intermediation and reservation that here are specified, and to do so, you turn to the Party Rockers site that acts solely as an intermediary between you and the providers of direct tourist services.

Party Rockers declares (a) to be a corporation duly constituted under Mexican law. (b) That is registered with the Tax Authorities with the Federal Taxpayers Registry GCA070120TC3. (c) That its corporate purpose consists of the power to: Act as intermediary for the reservation of spaces in the means of transportation; serve as an intermediary between tourists and providers of transport services of any kind; book hotels and other related services in hotels and lodging establishments and provide tourists with reservation services for tourist attraction sites.

You state, regardless of your country of origin, that you are of sufficient legal age to use this website and be bound by these Terms and Conditions, as well as to be responsible for the legal obligations you incur by using this site. You understand that you will be financially responsible for all use you make of this website and those who use it using your login information.